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by Booster Apps Collaborator

9 months ago

What is upcycling?

Recycling should be known to everyone. During recycling, raw materials that have already been used are processed and reused. Upcycling, on the other hand, continues to use waste or used items by converting and upgrading them for a new purpose.

Below you will find such upcycling ideas to try yourself!  So you can make VSCO girl accessories without harming the planet.  Have fun xxx

Empty bottles

1. Flower vases:

Remove any labels, stickers, etc. that are stuck on your bottles (try using alcohol or nail polish remover if water doesn’t work) and clear the bottles out really well. You can use white acrylic or spray paint to paint the bottles and make them look a little more aesthetic. Now simply put a little water in them so your flowers don’t dry out and your vases are ready to go!

2. Candleholders:

Again clear out the bottles, then put some little green branches inside, find candles that fit inside the opening of the bottle (or carefully cut them to fit in) and you’re done! Perfect for a romantic date, but be aware of the fire.

3. Mobile holders:

Your charging wire doesn’t reach all the way down to the floor? No problem – all you need is an empty shampoo bottle and a pair of scissors and you’ll be fine. Cut it as shown in the picture above and then spray and/or paint it the way you want it to look.

Old Jeans

4. Handbag:

Cut 10 cm wide strips from the jeans with scissors or a roller knife and then sew them together inside to inside à 6 strips (5 for the outside pocket, 1 for the lining). Iron the seams upwards and topstitch with the typical thread color from the right. Then shorten the piece of fabric to the width of the pocket. I measured the lining so that it and the last strip of jeans had the right size. Sew on a zipper or buttons to close it. A cotton belt serves as the carrier.

5. Seat cushion:

I made a seat cushion from discarded jeans and filling material. The pants legs of men's jeans are most suitable. You can cut 2-3 pieces from a trouser leg. I use jeans with different colors for a cool look. 

 Used cans


6. Pen boxes:

Paint three cans with acrylic paint. You can also use spray paint. As the paint dries, you can cut some motifs out of napkins. This works best with embroidery scissors. Next, coat the can with napkin glue, put on the filigree motifs, and fix it with another layer of glue. Finally, you can attach the cans to a wooden disc with hot glue. Different formats can ensure variety.

7. Gift ribbon dispensers:

Drill 3 holes one above the other in the can. Mask the middle third with masking tape and paint the free areas with acrylic paint - ideally in the colors of the gift ribbons for which you are making the dispenser. Of course, you can also choose spray paint here.  Once the color is dry, remove the masking tape, tape off part of the upper and lower third and paint the middle in a third color. If you put three gift ribbons on top of each other in the box and put their beginnings through the holes, you have a practical dispenser - without annoying tangling.

8. Bathroom shelf:

For this idea, you have to remove both the can lid and base. Cover the cans with self-adhesive metallic foil or design them in another way that you like. Attach an adhesive pad to the can and attach it to the bathroom tiles. You already have the perfect holder for brushes and hair dryers, which are always a bit heavy and bulky to store. 








Broken/Old CDs

9. New design for your table:

Cut your old CDs into little pieces, but not too little since you have to glue them down. We want to create a nice mosaic pattern. Now use hot glue to stick them on your table. Depending on its size it might take a while, but it will be worth it. In case you don’t have any grout you’re done, but if you want it to be really even you can fill the gaps with some grout.




I hope you enjoy trying these at home! Let us know what kinds of upcycling you do.


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