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by Vsco Therapy

A year ago

Tons of prep, exams knocking on the door, a packed calendar, another activity every day - pressure from everywhere. To achieve your goals might not eat your five a day, might skip going to the gym, you might not see your friends. When you’re under the pressure of a deadline, self-care is usually the first thing to go, but I want to show you, why it is so important to keep care of yourself and to just take time.

Another day has passed by, another busy week is finished. You’re looking forward to the one day when all these annoying bullet points on your to-do list are worked out. Maybe you’re going to finish cleaning up your room tomorrow, so you can have a free day without to-dos and don’t-forgets in your life – without a continually looking to the clock. But then Sunday came faster than you thought, and it wasn`t anything link you imagined: Your to-do list has grown, your room still isn’t cleaned up and then you say “maybe next week’s Sunday is going to be my relaxed day”.


Self-care – the forgotten point on your to-do list

When was the last time you really had a relaxed day? A day for yourself? Maybe our world is too crammed of endless tasks, but maybe it’s just the way you see it. You won’t find the bullet point telling to calm down and to relax.


Reasons why self-care is important…

You have more free time if you work during working time and create the free time you have afterward nicely because a difficult task always seems unsolvable at first and even harder after staring at it for a long time. Just walk away, clear your head, and take a look at it later. A rest isn’t a waste of time, it’s a gift of time because you’re working more efficiently afterward.

A certain level of stress is beneficial. Long-lasting stress, on the other hand, damages the body and mind. If you take care of yourself, the negative effects of stress have no attack surface, they rain on you like the drop of water on the lotus plant, which lets every drop of water just bounce off its surface.


…and ways to achieve it. 

The following tips can really help you to achieve a healthy amount of self-care:

  • Manage your stress:
    • Taking 5-30 minutes every morning for quiet time or meditation, maybe try some follow-along YouTube videos
    • Set aside 5 minutes per day to write in your journal
    • Take a hot bath or shower and scrub all that stress out of your body

  • Surround yourself with supportive people:
    • Spend time with friends, family, and others who make you feel good about yourself
    • Choose people who respect your needs and boundaries
    • Make sure the people you spend time with are considerate, reliable, and supportive of your goals
    • Avoid people who drain you, belittle you, or stress you out


  • Have fun:
    • Have a date night once a week with your spouse or with your friends
    • Re-read a favorite book or watch a favorite movie
    • Find a hobby to enjoy
    • Listen to peaceful music or a podcast about positivity
    • Buy an adult coloring book


  • Motivate yourself with little quotes on your desk or wallpaper:
    • “Your limitation—it's only your imagination”
    • “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”
    • “The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.”
    • “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”
    • Just look at Pinterest, you’ll be surprised how many amazing quotes you’ll find there!


  • Try to live healthier:
    • Get enough sleep
    • Do some workouts to power out (check Gabriella Whited on YT!)
    • Eat healthy food, maybe even try going vegan


Here’s one last tip a friend told me recently and it’s amazing: When you wake up, just sit on your bed and smile for a whole minute. Your brain won’t know the difference between the smile you have when you laugh and the smile you have from just pulling up your cheeks – and many hormones connected to happiness will flow your body right after you woke up. And I’m sure your day will be a lot better after starting it with a big smile on your face :-) !











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