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by Vsco Therapy

A year ago

1.  When you tried to act normal in front of your crush but ended up behaving like this.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • Your heart begins to race quickly as if it’s going to jump out of your chest.
  • It doesn’t matter how smart and wise you are, you are going to do the ‘over-acting’.
  • Your mind stops working as if it has gone into hibernation mode. And you replied to his ‘’Hi” with something like “Yeah I’ll definitely go to the prom with you”.
2.  When you were learning how to draw an eyeliner or do a natural makeup but ended up looking like this.
Then you had to go outside like that because you were blamed for making everyone else late for the event.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • Then you had to go outside like that because you were blamed for making everyone else late for the event.
  • Congrats your wish came true, now everybody is just staring at you. But wait a minute, did you see your crush giggling at you?
  • Now get ready to find a cardboard box to hide your face like an ostrich.
3.  When your clingy secret chatterbox enemy spotted you from a distance and you were forced to give her a girly hug even when you hated hugs.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • You tried to run away but oops! It’s too late now.
  • Why are they squeezing you too much? Your jaw starts hurting with that awkward fake smile when in reality you want to cry.
  • You secretly plan it in your mind to make them pay back for it later.
4.  When you were left clueless about where to turn your head when two animals were making love on National Geographic Channel while you were watching TV with your parents.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • You get the death stare from your parents as if you were the one doing it.
  • You look for the remote which is lying on the couch that is far away from your reach.
  • Million thoughts run through your mind and there you are unable to make an eye contact with anyone in the room.
5.  When you forgot to shave one leg while going to the beach.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • No! No! No!
  • Now you can’t remove your sarong and jump into the water. Goodbye blue inviting Ocean!
  • Time to curse on Evolution for providing us unnecessary hair!
6.  When a salesman at the mall referred to you as ma’am.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • What? You thought you were a kid. But wait a minute. You are what exactly?
  • Does he know your mom is nearby? Oh wait, does he feel you look like a 21-year-old? You look old?
  • What should you reply back? An idea strikes you. Let’s be a ghost and become invisible.
7.  When you were first introduced to the idea of wearing a bra. And you secretly wished for that bra strap to keep hiding underneath that top when it was seeking attention in public.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • And you secretly wished for that bra strap to keep hiding underneath that top when it was seeking attention in public.
  • You wish to reach home as soon as possible and take it this damn thing off.
  • When your daily problems weren’t seeming to budge, an underwire suddenly decided to pop up out of nowhere and ruin your life some more. Sobs silently.
8.  When you accidentally liked your crush’s picture on Instagram which was from a zillion years ago.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:
  • You Google the question “Will my crush know if I liked their Instagram post accidentally and unliked it again.”
  • You wish you could die! As if your death won’t notify your crush that you were stalking him.
  • You could tell him later you were just curious how they looked in their childhood. Oh wait, why were you curious again?
9.  When you came back from summer holidays to school, and puberty had hit hard on one of your friends already.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • Woah! What exactly happened to her?
  • Is she on steroids?
  • Will you too transform like her or have you already transformed?
10.  When your periods arrived uninformed on the day you decided not to carry a tampon.
The awkward mind’s thoughts:

  • Uh-oh so your periods are confusing, that they have wrong timings. Now from where shall you get that tampon? You check your skirt more than 1000 times a day and refuse to sit down!
  • You run around the school and ask for it from every stranger girl even the last person you would ever go to.
  • Now the entire school knows you’re on your periods.



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