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by Vsco Therapy

A year ago


Every adolescent girl wants to have a best friend forever or as they say “BFF”.

It’s someone whom they never fight with, share all their secrets with, whom they are extremely close to, and someone who they think they can always rely on forever.

But, most of the time, the idea of a BFF is flawed or can even be a fantasy that keeps the teens in the delusion of perfect friendships. It can highlight the myth that quantity is better and cooler than quality.

With every teenager going through bullying in some form or the other, being used for someone else’s benefit, getting into yo-yo friendships, or being a part of single-dimensional cliques related to friendship, it’s important for them to learn the concept of self-love. This idea includes the objective of being comfortable with one’s own company and not look for an external support system or fellowship every time.

Here are 5 reasons why being a lone-wolf is cooler than having fake friends. By understanding why it’s okay to be alone, maybe you can build a better relationship with yourself first.

1.  You’ll learn the art of self-love

The more you start to love yourself, the more you’ll accept yourself for who you are. You’ll cherish your unique characteristics which earlier you thought as flaws.

You’ll be more independent and take your own life decisions. You won’t look for a friend to help you out constantly.

You’ll be more self-aware of your actions and surroundings.
2.  You’ll be an expert in making better friends after spending enough time with yourself.
When you understand yourself better by spending more time with yourself, you get to know your likes and dislikes. You choose friends who accept you for you are exactly and someone who have similar tastes and interests. You’ll be more open and honest with yourself and others.

You can see past someone’s selfish interest and leave being okay with the idea of yo-yo friendships or someone controlling you constantly.

You’ll make real friends and truly value your bond with them. You’ll understand others better and also appreciate their different qualities too.
3.  You’ll give importance to better things than fake friends.
When you stop worrying about your unhappy friendships you have more time for other things. Your productivity increases and so does your concentration level.

You won’t come under peer pressure and actually do the things you always wanted to do. You’ll not be afraid to pursue the hobbies that you always wanted to but your so-called ‘friends’ chided you by calling it lame.

You’ll focus on your dreams and goals in life or even discover your hidden talents and gifts.
4.  Your confidence level will increase automatically.
You won’t look for outer validation or try to fit in with people.

You don’t have to apologize to people unnecessarily for being the way you are.You won’t live in the fear of being left-out once you start valuing your own company.

You can try out new things like wearing a new outfit or changing your hairstyle but only to impress yourself.
5.  There will be more peace and serenity in your life.
Once all the troublemakers in your life are gone, your happiness quotient will increase drastically. You’ll be in peace with the idea of yourself.

You’ll understand that not every friendship has to last forever. You’ll learn the art of forgiveness and also it will be easier for you to move on from bad experiences in friendships.

Cherishing the present moments will be easier for you and you’ll stop dwelling in the past or the future. Moreover, you’ll value quality more than quantity.

The Bottom Line

Contradictory to the fact that being alone is a curse, alone time is actually a blessing where you can find out how to connect with yourself. More you learn how to love yourself wholeheartedly, the more people will love you back. The goal is not to run after people and stress on the fact they aren’t your true friends. Rather it is all about being okay with the fact that not everybody will like you for who you are. And that’s alright. It doesn’t matter who stays or who leaves, but it matters how you react towards it. You might make mistakes and might get hurt along the messy way. But learning to separate the grain from the chaff and appreciating the real you is the key.


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